Where are we?

The headquarters of Maritime Montering are located on the outskirts of Førde, Norway. Our office building is placed by the scenic Dalsfjorden, one of many fjords carving through the mountanous landscape in the area. Close to one of Norway’s earliest Viking settlements, a trip to visit us can be combined with natural sightseeing unmatched by any other place in the world.

If you would like to visit us, the closest airport is Førde Airport. We would be happy to arrange for transportation from the airport, and to set up accommodation for the duration of your stay.

To get to us by car from Bergen you need to follow E39 in the direction of Ålesund. When you reach Sande, please exit E39 by following road number 57 in the direction of Dale. Driving from Bergen takes approximately three hours.

We recommend that you use a car GPS for directions. Our street adress in Google Maps is: Rv57 210, 6977 Bygstad.