After outfitting multiple projects for Esvagt at Havyard (Norway), Cemre (Turkey) and Zamakona (Spain), we are doing a full circle and are once again back at New Havyard Ship Technology. Providing quality interior accommodation for their three Esvagt projects – Build 146, 148 & 149 – in the scope of 10months. The launch of 146 can be seen on the following link. 

Congratulations to Rev Ocean and Vard Brattvåg on the nomination – Ship of The Year 2020 – REV Ocean – and the quest for “One Healthy Ocean”.
We are excited to be part of such an important Project and to deliver top quality interior Accommodation – to match the Nomination. Our aim is to provide the best possible surroundings for both scientists and non-scientists alike. Read more about the nominees and cast Your vote here.