About us

“Maritime Montering is Europe‚Äôs trusted & preferred supplier  of complete marine and offshore accommodation systems.”


Maritime Montering started out as an Carpentry shop in Bygstad, Norway in 1981.

The Owner & president, Mr. Birkeland, started in his garage with a clear goal, to bring the standard of the marine sector to a new level.

In just a few years, Mr. Birkeland succeeded in growing rapidly and successfully with Maritime Montering, ceasing every change to invest when opportunities and following his vision.

Nowadays it consists of eight Subsidiaries, where Maritime Montering is the main company of the Marinacc group.

Our extensive network provides us the ability to source for local resources and create the sustainable values you are looking for your projects. 

Training the sources to our standards, we are able to run over thirty major projects simultaneously.

“Maritime Montering is a safe and logical choice when it comes to accommodation supply and outfit of your marine & offshore projects.”